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sustainably grown in the lush fields of Rwamagana, Rwanda

Discover unmatched quality and taste

We are your trusted source of organic, Fair-Trade certified macadamia nuts. Our nuts are not only delicious but also full of health benefits – a perfect choice for wholesalers and retailers seeking quality and sustainability. They are also the only ones from Rwanda with international organic certification. We invite you to place your order today and stock your shelves with our delicious, healthy, and ethically sourced macadamia nuts.

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We grow, process, and export organic macadamia nuts

We partner directly with small-scale farmers in Rwanda, not only to ensure that you receive the freshest, most flavorful macadamia nuts but also to support sustainable agriculture practices and fair trade.

When you choose Gorilla-Nuts, you’re not just buying nuts – you’re helping improve livelihoods and protect our environment.

Cultivating flavor, harvesting Sustainability.

Sustainably grown

We're committed to growing our macadamia nuts using eco-friendly, sustainable practices.

Ethically farmed

Our macadamia nuts are a story of transparency and respect to our dedicated farmers

Fairly traded

When you choose GorillaNuts, you choose where fairness and flavor grow hand in hand