Macadamia, the queen of nuts!

They are known for their rich, buttery flavor and smooth, crunchy texture. Commonly eaten as a snack, macadamia nuts are also used in a variety of dishes, such as desserts, salads, and main courses. They are highly nutritious and a good source of healthy fiber and various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B1, magnesium, and manganese. We grow and sell our organic nuts in partnership with Rwandan farmers.


We regularly train farmers in Rwanda on how to grow macadamia trees using organic practices, and we guarantee the purchase of the yield at a premium price.


Macadamia are harvested when they are fully ripe, which is usually when they have fallen to the ground. Farmers collect the nuts carefully to avoid any damage.


After harvesting,
the macadamias are taken to GorillaNuts factory to be processed. They are cleaned, sorted, dried and cracked.


We finance and and take care of all of the certification protocols and paperwork which the small-scale farmers would otherwise not have access to.

Packaging and labeling

The nuts are then packaged in high-quality containers to maintain their freshness, which is labelled to indicate the origin, organic certification, and nutritional information.



We sell our nuts locally (In Rwanda) and globally (Europe, North America, Asia). If you are an individual macadamia lover, a trader or business, you will love our nuts. Contact us to place your order.